Because of working conditions in Qatar The union wants to sue Fifa

The Fifa is threatening new anger: The World Federation is to be responsible for the inhospitable working conditions on the construction sites for the World Cup in Qatar. A Dutch trade union wants to sue.

The Dutch trade union federation FNV wants to bring the Football World Federation Fifa to the court because of the bad working conditions in the construction of the World Cup stadiums in Qatar. On behalf of a guest worker from Bangladesh, the Fifa union sent the threat of a lawsuit. The association had three weeks to react, otherwise the action was filed at the District Court in Zurich, the FNV in Utrecht.

The guest workers often have to do “little labor” for little money or unpaid, said the general secretary of the trade union, Ruud Baars. “Thousands of very poor workers from Bangladesh, India and Nepal are literally working to death to get the football festival going.” Nadim Shariful Alam, who is represented by the FNV, is to receive 10,000 euros as compensation.

The Fifa, as the organizer of the World Cup, which is to be held in the desert state in November and December 2022, is responsible for the conditions. Despite the commitment of the World Federation to work for human rights in Qatar, the conditions for the workers hardly changed.

The human rights organization Amnesty International had already accused the Fifa at the end of March of exploiting thousands of migrant workers in the construction of the infrastructure for the world tournament. In some cases, “forced labor” can be said. Amnesty urged the World Football Federation to take immediate action against the exploitation of labor migrants.

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