Iceland vs Turkey Betting Tips

Iceland vs Turkey Betting Tips 11/06/2019

Iceland vs Turkey Football Betting Tips

Turkey are at a very good stage and after victory over France in the first meeting of this double day I think the Turks will be more than motivated to go to Icelandic lands to make a good result.

The Turkish side rose to the top of their group after a 2-0 win over France in the final match that showed the Turkish force playing at home.

It was expected that Turkey would score a goal by playing on their field but it was hard to imagine that they would beat the current world champion.

At this point all the teams in this qualifying group H have the same number of games, three, and Turkey’s completely unimpaired progress which has not conceded any goals and scored 8 for a record of 3 wins in 3 matches consolidates the isolated lead of the same .

The opponent tonight is not easy because we all know how much this Iceland has grown in recent years and the strength that a country with such a small number of inhabitants shows by this time does not give the margin to be underestimated in any way.

Iceland lost only one game, by beating 4-0 in France and won the remaining two games against Albania and Andorra.

The Icelandic team here has a hard nut to cheer as Turkey are very strong by this time but I think it will be away from home that Turkey will suffer their first goal in this qualification and why not in Icelandic lands?

Iceland is inferior to Turkey, this is evident, however they play at home and will give everything to win this match because if they achieve this will rise to the first place of the group on a one-off with Turkey and if France wins their game, which is more than certain to happen, we will have 3 teams in the first place of the group to put fire in the dispute by the clearance.

We know that there are 2 positions per group that are cleared for the Euro and in this group I think it will be these 3 teams playing those two places.

France are going to be sure, because I can not imagine the world champion in a group that is considered accessible, not to be able to pass, and for that reason Iceland will beat Turkey for the other wave and tonight to give all to win the meeting.

Iceland vs Turkey Our Football Betting Tips

My bet goes to both to score because although Turkey still have not conceded any goal, not even against France, and be defending very well, Iceland play at home and know that Turkey is a direct opponent in the fight for qualification and can not give up looking for victory.

Turkey are in good shape and they have already won 5 consecutive games for what I believe will continue.

Betting Tips: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.83

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