Le Havre VS Stade Brestois Betting tips

Le Havre VS Stade Brestois Betting Tips 15/05/2018

Le Havre VS Stade Brestois Soccer Prediction

Le Havre easily beat Tours who are determined to be relegated 2-0 in their last home game, their team winning 5 consecutive wins in the season, ambitions and confidence of their midfield members, the team has the capital to calm his team in the next play-offs . Meanwhile, in the 5-game win, the goal never conceded 1 goal, both attack and line performance is very superior, they are ambitious to seize points. Stade Brestois drew 2-2 with Chateauroux in last away game yesterday, a record 3 successive streak ends, his team member ambitions may be downgraded. they conceded 1 goal per game, overall, his side’s defensive performance was left behind by Le Havre.

Handicap Analysis: [0.98 -0 / 0.5 0.72]

Le Havre end the season with a winning streak, this time facing Stade Brestois no less lately, bookmaker give handicap cage -0 / 0.5, this game is very important to qualify for Ligue 1, both teams are equally full of spirit, the handicap shows the company Le Havre side despite the team’s lack of great in the statistics head to head, given the good performance in attack and defense lines they are very satisfying this last, then the cage is superior in this fight.

Asian handicap: Le Havre

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