Northern Ireland fans The whole world sings their song

“Will Grigg’s on fire …” – well, is the earworm back? At the European Championship in France, the Northern Irish fans were an attraction. The hype is not over yet. In Hanover they have their next appearance.

Do you have to thank the fans from Northern Ireland or complain? For the earworm of the ever-fiery Will Grigg still ringing in the head, if the keywords “Northern Ireland” and “EM 2016” fall. The stadium-like praise to the striker, invented by a fan of his club Wigan Athletic, sung to the melody of the song “Freed from desire”, world-famous made by the Northern Irish fans at the European Championship, is the most famous fanfare of the past years. And the sound recognition feature of the annex from Northern Ireland, adapted many times by fans of other nations and thereby made even more popular.

It has to go slowly to the Nordiren on the biscuit that the whole world sings her song. This is how only Germans can think. Not so the Nordiren. Stuart Mellon, spokesman for the Northern Irish national team fans, says: “We are just proud of the fact that before the European Championship, no one was able to get on with our football and the fans, but we are now known all over the world From around the world – and videos with various ‘Will Grigg’s on fire!’ Covers! “

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