Sebastian Vettel out of Ferrari in 2021

Sebastian Vettel out of Ferrari in 2021

Sebastian Vettel out of Ferrari in 2021

This is a subject that had already been addressed in this column previously, and it was learned this morning, through an official statement from both parties, that Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel will end a cycle that began in 2015 …


This separation between the German driver and the Italian team turns out not to be a big surprise considering the events of 2019 where the ‘Scuderia’ decided that Vettel was on an equal footing with Charles Leclerc, as if removing his status as leader of the team.

This was clearly an indication that the Rampante Horse team wished to start a new cycle with a young rider who could command their colors for many years, unlike Sebastian Vettel, who besides being a veteran, was not achieving the objectives for which he was hired, that is, to be a world champion of drivers by Ferrari.

Another issue that came to be considered by the press was related to the financial issue, namely the high salary of the German driver who reached ‘Scuderia’ as a four-time world champion with Red Bull. But according to Ferrari and Vettel, that was not even a topic of discussion and what really dictated the end of this call was the team’s changing plans and Vettel’s natural desire to continue to lead a project.

In short, Ferrari seems to be committed to a younger team with which it can work for several years in order to become stronger, while Vettel would not be willing to relinquish his No. 1 status in the team in exchange for a young Monegasque driver as Charles LeClerc.


Sebastian Vettel ‘landed’ at Ferrari as a dream signing for the Italian team that thus received a four-time title champion in its ranks with the clear intention of continuing to make history with its new single-seater. Unfortunately, things did not go well in this partnership and the best that the German driver managed to do was to be runner-up in the world twice, always behind Lewis Hamilton.

Vettel may have even had a better car in a few moments, but in general terms Mercedes has always been stronger and, especially more reliable in a fight that at times could even be considered uneven. The truth is that the German driver is preparing to leave Ferrari through the back door after a weak 2019 season where he was even beaten to the points by his young teammate.

Of course, there will still be the 2020 season to try to amend the hand and come out as the champion, but will there be conditions for that to be possible? It seems very difficult, especially considering that Vettel is not expected to be a team leader this year.

During the five years at the helm of the Rampant Horse, Sebastian Vettel won 14 Grand Prix victories becoming the third most victorious driver in the team’s history, becoming the one with the most points, although this record is naturally blown up by the fact that currently more points are added to each race.


With Sebastian Vettel’s imminent departure, Ferrari will already be preparing the attack on the market in order to secure a new driver for 2021 that can guarantee to be an added value. At the moment, young Carlos Sainz and also Daniel Ricciardo are the drivers who seem to be in the front line to succeed the German, but does Ferrari have any up its sleeve to try to get the sensational Max Verstapppen?

Apparently this will not be possible because the young Dutch driver recently renewed with Red Bull Racing until 2023 and it will be there that he will try to maintain his rise as a driver. In this way, and considering the impossibility of bringing the most exciting young driver today, Ferrari must really move ahead with Sainz or Ricciardo in a maneuver that will certainly save the team wages, in addition to bringing new blood to the ‘Scuderia’ at a time when the team’s relationship with Sebastian Vettel seemed exhausted.


As for Vettel’s future, things look relatively bleak for him, considering that Mercedes has no room for him and that Ferrari has moved on. Red Bull has its star in Verstappen and would hardly bore its new pertussis by bringing a world champion to its side.

Thus, the Germanic’s options may pass through secondary teams in the immediate future, but will the German be in that disposition, or would he prefer to take a sabbatical until he finds space in one of the top teams? Issues to be investigated in the coming months.

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