Wehen vs Kaiserslautern Soccer Betting Picks - 3.Liga

Wehen vs Kaiserslautern Soccer Betting Picks – 3.Liga

Wehen vs Kaiserslautern Soccer Betting Picks – 3.Liga

German third league game and my bet goes to both scorings.

Kaiserslautern, who was already in the first German league and I even remember overcoming in a group of Champions League around 99 with Benfica, HJK and PSV, today is misery and militant in this low level.

The team was already in crisis when they were in the second league and now they don’t even talk.

Kaiserslautern is then in the last place of this third league, confirming their misery, with two rounds that have elapsed.
The team has lost its two meetings so far and has yet to score a goal, so it’s time.

Wehen plays at home and is the natural favourite but even so his odds are higher than 2.00 because in these lower leagues the teams are very balanced.

Wehen is in 7th place as a result of not having lost and adds up a win and a draw so far.

My bet goes to both scoring because if on one side we have a Wehen that at home has been very safe and comes from 5 games without losing, winning 4, on the other we have a Kaiserslautern that despite being living a terrible moment outside the home with 3 losses and 2 draws in the last 5 games, he has managed to score his goal in most of his trips.

In 5 of their last 8 away matches the team has managed to score goals and urgently needs to do so in this league.
I think the moment is going to be now because things have to change obligatorily.

Wehen vs Kaiserslautern Soccer Betting Picks

Wehen is a favourite and will score, but I think Kaiserslautern will too.

Betting Picks: Both Teams To Score
Odds: 1.58

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