Cristiano Ronaldo opened the first five-star hotel of a chain that will include worldwide

European champion with newly na? Tional Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo attended the official inauguration of its first five star Pestana CR7, Madeira, the island where football was born.

Hotel in Funchal, Madeira, is the first in the chain? The hotel’s Cristiano Ronaldo. In September, another hotel will open in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, and two others are scheduled to be opened in Madrid and New York.

Hotel in Funchal is right next to a museum dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The cheapest room in the hotel Ronaldo is 220 euros per night, and penthouse reach 690 euros per night.

Otherwise, authorities and parts of Funchal have announced? At the airport will rename named Cristiano Ronaldo.

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