Germany – Poland (EURO 2016: 16.06.2015)

He has already finished the first day of the European Championship and the public’s picks for the second day. Saint-Denis will host the duel between Germany and Poland. My prognosis is that we see over 11.5 corners.

We talk about the 2 teams:

– Germany: The current world champion started on the right foot by beating Ukraine 2-0. Not surprisingly, it has suffered much in defense with the overflow of Ukrainians especially sevillista Konoplyanka and the other end playing in Dynamo Kiev, Yarmolenko. Neither Howedes, nor Jonas Hector were unable to contain the attacks and incursions in the area of the 2 ends and one of them could reach the goal of being saved in extremis by Boateng.

Despite the facilities offered in defense, in attack also they have many resources. Kroos and Khedira as a means of containment, Ozil as a down payment, Draxler extreme left, Muller difficult angle on the right and front Gotze was the starting 11 the other day. In the second half they changed to Draxler by Schurrle (a change of 2 players in the same position) and Gotze by Schweinsteiger what made Muller happen to play point and the presence of midfield is increased so control the outcome.

The multitude of options Germany invites us to think that Poles should get rid of the balls between the lines of the Germans and that could result in corners. Against Ukraine, Germany took over in goal 6. And is Neuer, named best goalkeeper of the first day and a real safe in the German goal. The cluster of situations went so far as to see 11 corners in the first half (4-7) and the match finished with 18 (6-12). We must also say that the Ukrainian vertical style favored much to this.

– Poland: They walk right foot, won 0-1 without any complications to a Northern Ireland that is simply determined to defend back with 2 lines 3 and 5, but unable to leave the midfield without losing the ball before. Their goalkeeper Szczesny will, I think a very good goalkeeper and hopefully have the time, I think a very open long game we could guarantee corners of Germany. Piszczek formed its defense, Glik, Pazdan and Jedrzejczyk in attack practically is not giving much because immediately after the defense line there Blaszczykowski 4 midfielders, Krychowiak, Maczynski and Kaputska. After they find Milik single hitch and Lewandowski. Bayern striker was defended by many throughout the game giving more options to hitch Milik side being the author of the only goal against Northern Ireland.

Against Germany, I do not think Lewandowski is so encimado in fact will have to deal with a partner of Bayern as Boateng who knows you and that can go against the front but could also have their day as Germany plays more offensive than Ireland North, Germany played with 3-5-1-1 4-2-3-1 for Northern Ireland.

Despite facing Northern Ireland 3 line of defense and midfield of 5, Poland was long playing attack and even against those 8 they took eight corners in the match for only 1 in Northern Ireland.

I think this can be a very attractive game for the viewer and apart from being neighbors, the historic rivalry, and having won both the first game, we see that the winner would get 1 and give a big step for the second round as 1. It may be one of those parties may be many corners and at the same time could be goals despite having goalkeeper Neuer and Szczesny, and that in this tournament are seeing a lot of games with few goals (parties with more goals were with 3 goals both the France-Romania as the Wales-Slovakia).

Therefore we a Stake 2 and luck to whoever follows me.

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