Diego Maradona is disappointed Higuain’s possible move to Juventus

Considered by many and as one of the greatest football? Ti in history, Diego Maradona and has said many times in public admiration takes for Napoli’s top scorer, cona? Gonzalo Higuain its level.

Was the top scorer and he San Paolo, where he spent 7 years? He scored 81 goals, Maradona said Higuain would betray the fans of Napoli and would diminish much? Chances his team at the end dominate? Take his Juventus in Italy, if they leave. According to Sky Sports, Higuain already conducted medical examination for Juventus and is very close to sign for the amount of 79 million euro.

Gonzalo Higuain scored 36 goals in 35 appearances for Napoli in the Italian first division last season.

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