Review and progress of Pep Guardiola: three things that the Spanish coach has to solve before the start of the season!

Considered by many and as one of the best coaches in the big football of the moment, the Spanish Barcelona is a professional desăvâr? It, above it? Supported by almost all and football? Tii and collaborators who worked with him.

Besides the change in style of play, his new team will have to bear and other desires? S the Spaniard, who will try to change the ground conceive? Laid and the preamble to a club that has not enjoyed much success in Europe. Here are three changes that will make them Guardiola at the helm of Manchester City.

1. The problem Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure is probably the most unsatisfied? Thanked the man from Manchester City, with the arrival of Spanish coach. Barcelona midst? The closure had more trouble with Guardiola, who not only was using very little? In? I rarely as owner, but had to play and bow? Central at a time, even if Barcelona have midfield problems at that time. In terms of conception? DISCLOSURES about the game, Yaya Toure is not pleasing to Pep Guardiola, who prefer middle and techniques and fast, which can pass the ball very quickly and can make up pressing.

This is a real problem for middle? City’s website, which is more of a combative footballer slow and that? Take over balloon being used more as a means? box to box the coaches that I had throughout his career. Reached 33 years, it’s hard to believe that Toure can be done pressing 90 minutes, meaning the most likely place in midfield will be taken much younger Ilkay Gundogan, footballer is exactly the pattern that coach Spanish looking for him. With Gundogan, Delph, Fernando and Fernandinho in the lot, Yaya Toure will likely catch less minutes? Take this championship for citizens? Eni.

2. Adaptation to the game without top

Throughout his career, Pep Guardiola has shown repeatedly that he allergy peaks through. Whether it was about Eto’o, Ibrahimovic or Mandzukic, Spanish coach purely and simply does not want to play with people massive and powerful, preferring a striker who is mobile and can I? That throughout half goal. This is precisely why Sergio Aguero, who most likely will be moved nine fake, like Lionel Messi’s mandate Guardiola at Camp Nou, will be once again the leading scorer of Manchester City, while Wilfried Bony will rarely see land game. We must to? Wait at Manchester City very differently? A last season, a formula with a quartet offensive dynamic and fast format of De Bruyne, Silva, Sterling and Aguero is more likely.

3. Change the style of game players

If all you showed us Guardiola so far is an indication? Ie on how it will carry? Hated things Manchester City this season, one thing is certain, Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan are players perfection and for Guardiola. Spanish coach prefers middle? Ii fast, dynamic, flexible and intelligence and, these words being practically perfect description for the two. Belgian De Bruyne will be for the Spanish coach Pedro Rodriguez from Barcelona or Bayern Munich from Douglas Costa. To and three are middle and fast offensive, techniques and marking quite often, football? Ti entering the center with the ball at his feet and tried gate that frequently, which suits them perfectly Guardiola.

We must therefore a? Wait a De Bruyne more aggressive and with a greater role in the attack of City, although the position of number 10 will be further? Supported by David Silva, the Spaniard will have total freedom in Guardiola was. As Gundogan, it is seen by the Spanish as Xavi Hernandez of Barcelona during and Xabi Alonso last season, Bayern Munich. Will play one? S role with Alonso as a means? box to box that will make both phases. Gundogan will climb middle and will often try ball, but the will and down in line with Fernando and Fernandinho in front? Defense.

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