Maradona’s aggressive reaction to the news that Higuain leave from Napoli to Juventus: “I’m tired of saying”

Diego Maradona, who made history as players from Napoli and the na? Tional Argentina, commented on the transfer of Gonzalo Higuain to Juventus.

“It hurts to see that Higuain goes to Juventus, because it’s a big rival. But the player is not criticized for this decision. The interests of those who make the games have come above all else, no longer interested fans.

I’m tired now I say it’s more important to be a good businessman than a Chair Club. In my day it was not? A. Pity that FIFA is sleeping and doing nothing in this regard, “said Maradona.

Juventus is willing to pay 94 million euros for Higuain to Napoli.

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