Mourinho, exciting message for United’s fans: “I want the title of the first season”

The new coach of United, Jose Mourinho revealed in the press in England that heads the club at Old Trafford gave grace period three years to bring a new title to Manchester but Portuguese coach is convinced that you can achieve the goal since the first season.

“The message from the owners of the club and Mr Woodward was: You have three-year contract, do your job as best you know, give quality team to be the best again.

My answer was simple: I want to win the title with United in the first season, “Mourinho revealed to The Sun, the first dialogue that I had with the heads of the Old Trafford club.

The first target for United’s new coach is to change the mentality of its footballers. Mourinho revealed that his team will lose a sponsorship of 30 million pounds if it failed to qualify for the Champions League.

“I want to be champion. How to say before the start of the season you want to be in the top four? Top 4 is not a goal for me. We play to be champions! If during the season we will realize that points difference does not allow us to win the title then we will change the target. And if we can not be champions, then we will merely be the first four places, “said Mourinho.

The Portuguese coach has one problem before the start of the season: would prefer not to play in the Europa League.

“We will play Thursday in the Europa League and those who do not believe in the Premier League schedule will make us any favors and we will let you play months. We’ll probably play Sunday at 12 o’clock exactly. It’s good but for footballers. I will make many changes for matches in Europe. Everyone will have the chance to play, “said Mourinho.

The first official Jose Mourinho on the bench for Manchester United in the Premier League will be traveling with Bournemouth on Sunday August 14 at 15.30

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